Garvey GL 22-6, 22-7, 22-8 Single Line Labeler

Convenient & Dependable
Features include: drop-in loading, self-aligning label print, lightweight ergonomic design, enclosed label compartment.
Durable Garvey® Labelers have been designed with innovative features that will help increase your operation’s productivity and efficiency. Easy to adjust, high-quality print bands, print large, crisp, easy to read characters.
Label pricing is per sleeve of 11,000 labels (9 rolls of 1223 labels/roll)
A new ink roller is included free with each sleeve of labels.

Item # Description Price Qty
45-020 Garvey 22-6 Single Line Labeler $69.88
45-021 Garvey 22-7 Single Line Labeler $75.66
45-022 Garvey 22-8 Single Line Labeler $99.74
45-015 White Label No Printing,22mm x 12mm $13.61
45-416 White Label Preprinted Grocery ,22mm x 12mm $13.61
45-417 White Label Preprinted Dairy ,22mm x 12mm $13.61
45-418 White Label Preprinted Frozen ,22mm x 12mm $13.61
45-419 White Label Preprinted Produce ,22mm x 12mm $13.61
45-420 White Label Preprinted Meat ,22mm x 12mm $13.61
45-423 White Label Preprinted Bakery ,22mm x 12mm $13.61
45-425 White Label Preprinted sale price ,22mm x 12mm $13.61
45-016 Fluorescent Red Label No Printing ,22mm x 12mm $13.61
45-427 Fluorescent Orange Label No Printing,22mm x 12mm $13.61
45-428 White Label Preprinted Sell By ,22mm x 12mm $13.61
45-067 Fluorescent Green Label No Printing ,22mm x 12mm $13.61
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